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The Importance of Roof Cleaning

Having your roof cleaned regularly is an important part of maintaining the health and longevity of your home. This will help to keep your home cooler in the summer and keep your roof looking new. It is also important to make sure that the shingles are free of mold and moss. These organisms can cause leaks and can lead to structural damage.

Moss can cause your roof to leak and warp, making it a potential safety hazard. Moss can also cause standing pools of water and mold in the downspouts, which can result in flooding and water damage.

Lichen may also form on your roof. This is due to a lack of sunlight. Lichen can strip away the protective oils in your shingles, causing them to deteriorate. It can also lead to a premature roof replacement.

Another problem is mold and mildew. These can be a huge problem in different regions of the United States. If you live in a region where you get a lot of rain, you are at higher risk of having black streaks on your roof.

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When it comes to roof cleaning, a variety of chemicals are used. These can be hazardous to people, animals, plants, and even the environment. It is important to make sure that you follow the instructions for using these chemicals.

There are also methods of roof cleaning that are more eco-friendly. This method uses special mild surfactants to break down the thick residues on your roof.