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Types of Residential Windows

Choosing the best residential windows can improve the look and feel of your home. They can also be energy efficient, helping you save money on heating and cooling costs. You might also want to consider installing tinted or frosted glass. These types of windows are not as likely to break as ordinary glass, making them a smart choice for homes with high crime rates.

There are many types of residential windows to choose from, but one of the most common types is the double-hung window. This window has two sashes that slide vertically and can be opened and closed from the top or the bottom. This type of window offers extra ventilation and is a great choice for homes with large amounts of natural light. You can also purchase custom options to make your windows unique.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient window, you may want to consider installing a hopper window. These windows are designed to open at the top for ventilation and then tilt down to seal against the frame when closed. Often found in basements, these windows add charm and dimension to your home. They also provide good insulation.

Double-hung windows are also a great choice for homeowners. These windows offer a wide range of size and styles to choose from. They are easy to clean and provide additional ventilation options.

They are also a great choice for those who live in hot climates. The double paned glass is not only more energy efficient, it is also more durable than ordinary glass. You can also find glass of various types, such as frosted, tinted, and clear.

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